Pressure Boosting




Volumetric water pumps are able to offer
high pressures in relation to relatively
low power. The ID-QB pumps are used
in domestic applications to increase the
system pressure. These pumps are suitable
for pumping clean, non-aggressive liquids,
without sand or other solid impurities.



Single impeller centrifugal pumps suitable to meet any small, medium or large capacity
requirements. These pumps are used for domestic, agricultural and industrial purposes. They
are also often used for sprinkler and flood irrigation systems in gardening and agriculture.




Twin impeller centrifugal water pumps are used to pump clean water and non-aggressive
liquids. The main feature is the two opposite impellers which allows twice the pressure of
a single-impeller model. They are suitable for civil and industrial applications, for water
distribution by pressure tanks and for irrigation in gardening and agriculture.




These self-priming cast iron jet water pumps are designed for optimal efficiency. Suction capability of up to 6m depending on altitude. Suitable applications include, water supply from shallow wells or storage tanks (surface / submerged). System applications include domestic water supply and garden irrigaion.

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