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In a country where water is a scarce and precious commodity and pretty much only sunlight is free, utilising solar technology in a sustainable manner for your pumping needs is a wonderful cost-saving measure. The solar panels on the pumps convert sunlight into direct current electricity when the sun shines, and in South Africa we have sun to spare. Plus, green is gold in this economy. Our range of premium solar solutions will ensure optimum satisfaction.

Water depth: 1 – 115m
 Max Flow: 2m³/h

Suitable for installations in boreholes, wells, rivers, dams and tanks with minimum ID Ø 80mm.

Product Feature
Compact structure with high efficiency, low noise and pollutant free.

Soft start electrical control panel provides protection against under-voltage, over-voltage, over-pumping, overloading and provides waterless automatic recovery.

Easy installation, maintenance-free, safe and reliable.

DC Brushless Motor.

Working Conditions

Non-corrosive water with a volume ratio of sand content not exceding 1% and the paricle size not exceeding 0.5mm.
Max pumped liquid temperature – 40°c
PH capability – 6.5 – 8.5

Peripheral Vane Pump
Peripheral Vane Pump
 Pump Casing: Cast Iron 
 Motor body: Aluminium 
 Impeller: Brass
 Motor: 100% Copper
 Product Feature: 
 Non-particulate laden DC Booster pump 
 Flow: 1-2 m3/h 
 Impeller: Brass
 Motor: 100% Copper
MAX.FLOW  2m³/h
WEIGHT 7.2kg
PLM - 310P - 72 SERIES
Cell efficicy
17.0% - 18.0% 
PLM - 250P - 60 SERIES
Cell efficicy
16.6% - 18.0% 
 High output and efficicy even under low light conditions. 
 Salt mist corrosion tested, perfect for harsh climatic conditions. 
 Durable and reliable solar panels due to stringent quality control measures, testing and strict selection of raw materials and components. PID free (TUV certifid) 
12 years Product Warranty
 80% Power Output Warranty
 90% Power Output Warranty
 Material & Workmanship Warranty
smart controller

DC – AC (380V 3 phase) Veriable Speed Inverter Drive

Controller Features:

 Self-developed dynamic maximum power point tracking (MPPT) control method, fast response speed, stable operation. It solved the problem of water hammer damage caused by poor tracking efffect with fast changing sunshine intensity and unstablee opertation of the traditional MPPT method.

 Full digital control, automatic operation, data storage and complete protection function.

 Low-power models are with the new design of aluminium alloy shell, LED display operation panel, direct plug-in terminals, easy to use, good heat dissipation effect performance.

 The pressure sensor can be connected simultaneously to achieve constant pressure water supply function.

 High protection level IP55.

 Optional fluctuation water level detection and control circuit for water level of the water tower.

 Environment temperature: 10°C ~ +50°C.

peripheral vane dc

solar pump

· Pump Casing: Cast Iron
· Motor body: Aluminium
· Impeller: Brass
· Motor: 100% Copper
· Clean water DC Booster pump
· Flow: 1-2 m3/h
· DC Brushless Motor
· Non-corrosive water
· Max temperature: 40°c
· PH: 6.5 – 8.5

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