Domestic, Industrial and Agricultural


We are the authorized agents for the Aquamat products in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Karoo.

CATALYTIC IONISER Water Conditioners

  • 30% less irrigation required for better wetting
  • Conditions water containing harmful elements such minerals and metals.
  • Hard water, saline & brackish water for domestic, industrial and irrigation applications, is conditioned to optimum standard.
  • Destroys surface tension of water, maximising water absorption by plants.
  • Hard water is restructured to a finer level improving irrigation substantially.
  • Water perculation into soil is optimised.
  • Leaching property of water is greatly improved resulting in diminished salt presence near roots.
  • Scaling in pipes is prevented.
  • Plants grow better!
  • Crops easily produce 30% more with Aquamaster treated water, and in some exceptional cases, even up to 200 percent more.
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