We offer testing services ranging from:

Yield Test :

The Yield test calculates the maximum water that can be pumped out of the borehole and the time it takes to recover the recharge of water from the water source/vain.

The Flow is calculated to never drop lower than the strike/Water source.

Step Test :

During this test the pump rate is increased in steps at regular intervals. These intervals will be calculated after assessing the borehole.

Constant Rate:

Constant rate test duration ranges from 8-48 Hours (not  exceeding 48 Hours), the time is usually calculated proportional to the yield test.


During the recovery, the draw down is calculated measuring the level directly after the constant rate test.

Borehole Test: Terms & Conditions

Test Pricing structure

  • Traveling cost to location, R4.50/km
  • Before the test can commence the borehole will be handed over to Arena in good order by the drilling company.
  • If the pump get’s stuck during the lowering procedure the operator will inform the owner.

If requested to continue the lowering process by the client and any damages occur RE: Borehole wall collapses or the pump gets stuck it’s the client will be held liable for the costs of any damages on equipment / Borehole.

  • Any delay costs caused by the pump getting stuck and/or any scenario not caused by Arena Pumps, the client will be held liable for additional costs.
  • Delay costs at R350/P-Hour. Not including the test period, applies to faulty boreholes only.
  • If Arena Pumps suspects any faults, we will recommend a camera inspection to confirm any faults.

Camera inspections costs:

  • Standard costs R4500.00
  • Traveling Costs R3.50/Km
  • Labour Costs R350/P-Hour

Borehole Tests at 100 meters, 4/6-inch pump at 70 000 Lt/p-hour. (column 1)

Borehole Test at 100 meters, 8-inch pump at 120 000 Lt/p-hour (column 2)

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5
6Hrs R8 100.00 6Hrs R10 500.00 Step Test Recovery Test Lowering and Hoisting of Client Pump
8Hrs R8 800.00 8Hrs R11 400.00 Hour / Steps 0-24 Hour 2” R25.00/Meter
12Hrs R10 200.00 12Hrs R13 200.00 R570 /p-Hour Full Test following Step Test 3” R30.00/Meter
18Hrs R12 300.00 18Hrs R15 900.00 R250/P-Hour 4” R35.00/Meter
24Hrs R14 400.00 24Hrs R18 700.00
30Hrs R16 500.00 30Hrs R21 400.00
36Hrs R18 600.00 36Hrs R24 100.00
42Hrs R20 500.00 42Hrs R26 600.00
48Hrs R22 500.00 48Hrs R29 200.00

Multiple onsite location shifts (more than one borehole test on one location) R350 P/Borehole.

Unsuccessful borehole test is calculated at a pro-rata rate of R5550.00 P/Hour excl. Vat.

This includes installation, extraction of the pump and test period.

Diesel is supplied by client at 9Ltr per hour. Prices increase between 100-120 meters at R1000.00. Prices increase between 120-150 meters at R2500.00.

Recovery tests costs at R250.00 p/Hour, Recovery test should be approved by client before the technician can commence the test.

All Prices are excluding Vat.

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