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The Largest Importer & Distributor of Liquid Transfer Pumps in the South Cape Borehole Pumps – Borhole Tests – Borehole Pumps Maintenance & electronics.

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We do new installations, distribution, repairs and maintenance on all types of pumps as well as installations & sales of pivots.

Arena Pumps specialize in a variety of pumps and solutions in the water industry for various applications, be it for agricultural, commercial, industrial or home solutions.


With 23 years of experience in the industry, we are addicted to everything that involves water. Our journey to find the perfect solution for the various water issues we face in South Africa took us from our hometown of George to Pretoria, and then across the world. After absorbing a world of knowledge, we returned to our roots, the Garden Route, to apply our trade and assist farmers and industry to utilize water resources more efficiently. Our team at Arena Pumps strive to offer our clients the highest quality products, the very best service, and knowledgeable and informed advice


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